LegendZ never die (10 Years Anniversary Post)

Once two brothers entered together one of their first bboy battles in their early years of dancing. As always when performing in front of an audience and especially when there were so many much more experienced dancers around, the mental pressure was immense. ‘Just don’t crash in the battle. Hopefully we will nail our moves.’ And they nailed their moves in the small dance circle. However during the battle the cheers for their opponents were so loud since they were one of the event’s local favorites. Their hearts were still beating like crazy, their veins loaded with adrenaline, they were gasping for breath and their bodies were shaking from the exhaustion when they awaited the judges’ decisions. The couple of seconds felt like ages and the two skinny boys wearing t-shirts three sizes too big for them hadn’t hardly hope that they would be given the victory. They already got used to be disqualified in the initial round.

Then the three judges determined the winner by pointing towards their favored crew. Like in trance the two youngsters were struggling to believe what has happened. They got two votes from the judges as opposed to one vote for their rival. Having beaten one of the home favorites of the event aroused weird feelings in their stomachs. They fought so hard for this by showing the very best of their move repertoire. Although they only made it to the second round and lost afterwards, this success meant everything for them. It showed them that hard work and endurance pay off, that it’s worth to chase one’s dream and to never give up. In that night over and over again they watched the low-quality recording of their successful battle and the excitement kept them awake until the early morning hours.

A couple of years later the boys participated at the same event. This time it was held at a bigger venue. The brothers were confident and relaxed when battling. They made sure to not show too many moves in the early rounds so that they can still impress in later rounds. Their tactic worked. Floor LegendZ made it to the semi-finals, almost to the finals if they would have received one more vote from the judges. When getting aware that they didn’t make it to the finals one of them muttered with some disappointment: ‘I thought we have smoked them…’ Soon some of their supporters from the crowd approached them and confirmed them: ‘You killed it. You should be in the finals.’ – ‘Thanks. Whatever. Let’s just rock at least a little bit more in the cyphers.’

This is the story of Floor LegendZ, once founded as local bboy crew in South Germany by two brothers whose passion for dance made them travel the world. Meanwhile many of the team members have changed and Floor LegendZ has become a global family performing in many countries around the world.

Everything started in 2007 after the breakup of our first crew Extreme Team. In the hunt for a crew name with potential we finally came up with Floor LegendZ. One important strategic decision was the big Z as a special distinctive feature to achieve higher uniqueness of our name. (Actually we only thought that it’s extremely cool…) Once a moderator at an event (Özcan Cosar at Battle of the Month) said jokingly when we participated as Floor LegendZ: ‘It’s their first battle and they are already legends.’

One of the first generation members was Flex-D. Since he participated in battles together with Vane already before Floor LegendZ was founded, it was clear that he belongs to our team. Also one of the early members was Sam. Inspired by our high training motivation he asked us if he could join our crew. After having critically assessed his dancing skills we informed him that we accept his request.

A little bit later Arnold aka the Crazy Nut joined us. He was such a funny guy that it got really difficult to practice when he was around since he made everyone laugh e.g. by making strange noises and miming squirrels or other animals. However in terms of funniness Flex-D also ranked very high. His aim was to impress with crazily dangerous looking moves. When we practiced together he regularly asked whether the move that he was trying to do would look dangerous. Once at an event he did a spider jump from a counter desk which had a height of at least one meter. He even beat himself with his video ‘lotus vom container’. An other time while driving home from a bboy jam we also couldn’t stop laughing because of him and it got very difficult for the driver to safely navigate the car as Flex-D suddenly remarked: ‘Look at this bridge. I always wanted to jump from that bridge.’

We have one more member belonging to the core of Floor LegendZ who however prefers to be anonymous. Vane recruited him after getting to know him in speed-dating which was an activity in the introduction period of his bachelor studies. Our secret member never liked to compete in battles. Nevertheless we finally could make him participate with us at an event in Cologne (sorry, he made us promise to not upload the recording…). This was his first and last battle at which he ever competed and since that he claims that he is traumatized from this experience.

One more person mustn’t be missing in our crew history: our photographer and good friend Walter Fogel. We got in contact with him via his son Adrian who attended our training a couple of times with the ambitious goal to learn as much as possible in as little time as possible. It has to be acknowledged that Adrian joined us comparatively often. Most newbies came with high goals to us and got disillusioned when they were still unable to do powermoves and backflips after the second training session. Then we’ve usually never seen them again.

Initially we were irritated by Walter’s preference for blurred motion shots and headstand pictures. However meanwhile we understand his great work better and are very grateful that our paths have crossed. One highlight was a shooting with him for SONY when a marketing team from London came just for two days to meet us at our local gym to do photographs and recordings to promote the SONY camera A 6000.

There were periods when we traveled to battles almost every weekend. One of our very famous battle prank was that only one of our crew members started the battle alone. Then the crowd got confused and wondered how one guy should be able to compete alone against a crew of many people. In the second round of the battle further crew members who were hiding in the audience surprisingly appeared on the dance floor to join their member in the battle.

Many times we also traveled relatively far to watch major bboy competitions. Especially travelling to the Battle of the Year world finals was sometimes very crazy. To cut costs we once used only slow local trains and no express trains. This required us to travel for roughly eight hours and to change trains about five times. For this trip we left our home very early on Saturday morning to make it in time for the event which was held the same day. Before we were let in to the event we already danced in the outdoor cypher. Then during the breaks of the event we practiced in the indoor dance circles. After the event we had to wait for about five hours at the train station, so that we can take the first train on Sunday morning to go back home. Guess what? We also practiced at the train station. They even provided music there, so it was a pretty cool jam. When we finally reached our home on Sunday afternoon, we went straight to our gym highly motivated to continue practicing.

To boost our scene we also used to instruct children and teens at our local gymnastics club. Furthermore we released our own Android app to run sports tournaments being available for free. Seven times we successfully organized and conducted with great support from our local youth center our own breaking contest ‘Rumble on the Floor’. Since we are nowadays only rarely in our original home region we are not able to continue these activities.

In 2013 we finally realized our dream of travelling to South Korea to witness some of our idols. After having been very active in the battle scene we started to focus more on professional performances. Our numerous involvements included Circus shows and collaborations with well-known brands and companies for example PUMA. These days we are much occupied with doing street shows in many parts around the world with new members from several countries such as France, Morocco and New Zealand.

This year we started both this blog and our own webstore. In the future we want to further professionalize in the entertainment business by mainly focusing on combining acrobatics and comedy. We aim to continue performing internationally and maybe one day we will produce our own theater shows. Sponsors for our projects are of course always welcome!

Last but not least we want to thank all our supporters and families. Big credits to our instructors and the inspiring people out there. Our early bboy master was Hasan from Sinsheim. Without him we would have probably never achieved our level of dancing.

10 exciting years of crew history have passed. Now we are looking forward to more memorable projects, highly entertaining shows and a lot fun!