Crazy Snow Workout Challenge – an attempt to go viral

We started this year already with a couple of new projects. We launched our own tshirt webstore and created this blog. Now this is finally the first more extensive blog post.

When I visited my brother Nino last week in Freiburg, he surprised me with the suggestion to do an outdoor workout. I already told him prior to my visit that I would like to work out on that day but since it was snowing and the temperature was below 0° C, it never crossed my mind to do it outside.

Anyway I liked the challenge and I was stunned by the beauty of the place where he lives so I enjoyed the run to the playground a lot. During the workout there we came up with the idea of making a short funny clip. We thought if the video would spread like a virus it could be a good way to promote our new webstore.

Fortunately Nino’s roommate assisted us with recording (thanks a lot Forrest!). Although it might look like we didn’t care much about the coldness when we exercised topless, we were actually freezing! When one of us were working out for the camera the other one was wearing a jacket and when we switched we always handed over the same jacket, so that it would stay at least a little bit warm. Nino was so crazy to not even wear gloves. My hands and fingers got almost numb although wearing skiing gloves.

When noticing some ducks on our way to the playground, I got the idea to film a scene where we pass the ducks so that they would fly away. However it turned out that the ducks didn’t mind us running close by at all. We got especially entertained by one duck as it walked and quacked when we observed it. I name this duck Maig 🙂

Please let us know in the comments how you like our first workout video and tell us if you ever did something similarly crazy!